My Loved One Shines On! A Gift from Beyond

The book “My Loved One Shines On! A Gift from Beyond” is now available!

Dylan and his grandmother Disa have been on an amazing journey since December 20, 2012.

Dylan with contagious smile as he raises his arms above to show he is the champion!

Dylan Skye , the champion!

Just 5 days had passed after his sudden death when she heard the poem he was telling her that he was not dead, he had graduated or evolved and would show her many signs to help heal her and his family.   No one was as surprised as Disa.

Dylan Skye has kept his promise with amazing signs and she has kept her promise to get the word out to the world and share this enlightening adventure with everyone who is open and listening.  Especially others who feel like Disa did, that her loved one was just gone in an instant and couldn’t understand why or how.

Dylan and Disa

Dylan and Disa

He continues to give her letters, poems, tangible signs and love.  It took two and one-half years to be completed.  It has taken Disa and Dylan to several countries, adventures, new and old people, classes and many lessons.

Along the way she understood she needed to combine her passion of photography with her precious grandsons words to excite all the senses to bring this book to life.  Grandmother and grandson, Disa and Dylan, Gebra and Buffalo Boy, united and powerful once again.

Read with an open heart.