About the author Disa Van Orman

Disa Van Orman is Dylan Skye’s honored grandmother. Renovating houses for nearly 40 years, cofounder of the first dog cleanup service in the nation, Poop Van Scoop, and lifecaster of humans and animals in cold cast bronze.

Wolf kissing Disa Van Orman

My Loved One Shines On author, Disa Van Orman receiving a wolf kiss with joy!

Around the time Dylan was born, she begin to take an in depth intuitive mentoring class. Disa immediately developed a deep connection with animals, nature and earth. She became a certified aromatherapist, Healing Touch for Animals practitioner,  shamanic practitioner, and a Reiki Master/Teacher. Also, developing a talent in the art of sacred passing, making the transition period at the end of life a beautiful time as possible.A 5th degree belt in Krav Maga, scuba diver, zip lining, repeller, world traveling and photographer, all shared with her family.

Since Dylan’s passing, she has taken many classes and conferences on intuition, herbology and afterlife classes and became an author of My Loved One Shines On! A Gift from Beyond. Soon to come, more books, classes and speaking to help spread the word and bring comfort to others that their loved ones shine on! She is forever grateful for the gifts her grandson Dylan, her buffalo boy, shares with her.  It has become her mission and she is determined to help repair the many broken hearts and assist them in discovering the messages their loved ones are sending. Disa lives with her husband and Jack Russell in Denver, CO. She enjoys creating new and different adventures with her daughters, son-in law, grandson and grand dogs.  They always include a little Dylan they carry and include in the family photos.  Dylan remains always in their hearts and thoughts forever…

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